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Seriously. . . If You're Not Seeing These Numbers,
You're Doing Something Wrong. . .

From The Desk of: Venkata Ramana - "The IM Launch Manager"
To: Internet Marketers and Product Creators

I've got one simple question for you, my friend.

Why On Earth Do You Keep Putting Yourself In
This Predicament?!?

What do I mean exactly?

Yep. . . you've just shot yourself in the foot, once again for attempting to launch your own product.

Statistics show that about 95% of all internet marketers and product creators miss out on a TON of money simply because they take the wrong approach when launching their products in the marketplace.

I'm not certain if you've launched products in the past or are looking to do so in the future, but you should know by now that if your goal is to see a passive income from the internet, this is the route that you will need to take.

You may have heard the saying. . .

" First Impressions Are Lasting "

. . . and I gotta tell you that statement is 100% true when it comes to launching a product in the marketplace.

To be honest with you, there's quite a bit of work that goes into a product launch . . . IF you want the results of it to surpass your typical "Average Joe" product launch.

Furthermore, the successful product launches are NOT just a one man job. . .

. . . they require a team of highly skilled individuals working together to get the job done properly.

Let's face it. . . we internet market and launch products for two main reasons:

Time And Money Freedom!

And because of this, wouldn't it be the most logical decision to outsource your work and let experts get the job done FOR you?

Absolute no-brainer and to allow you to enjoy both, this is where the expertise of myself and my team come in to help you reap the utmost of benefits from each product launch.

Hi, my name is Venkata Ramana and if you are looking for someone to help you SKYROCKET your stats and commissions with all of your future product launches, then I am your go-to-guy.

To give you a bit of info about myself, I've been behind 50+ product launches in the industry and about 90% of them have been selected as Product of the Day as an end result.

I have years of experience when it comes to launching products on the Internet and the best assets that I can provide to you is that:

  • I know what WORKS and what doesn't.
  • I understand how the market works.
  • I know the hook and everything needed to create an offer that people will actually BUY.

At the end of the day, product launches are all about putting the most money in your pockets and if done wrong, it can really backfire on you.

I can go on with talking about my expertise, successes and what I do but I strongly encourage you to please listen to what others have to say so you know that i'm not just blowing smoke here. .

Obviously, everything that I have said to this point has been vouched by just a snippet of the many clients that I have and without further ado, let me elaborate a bit more and tell you exactly what I can do for you.

Here Are The Services That I Offer

Everything Needed To Manage The Entire Launch Including The Following:

  • Formatting and Design of Sales Letters, OTOs, Downsells, Download Pages, JV Pages and Funnel Integration.
  • Ebook/DVD Boxes.
  • Discussions/Suggestion.

Wanna Know The BEST Part??

Just as I do for all of my clients, in addition to managing your launch, I will also try my best promote your product for you without charging you a single penny!!!

Actually, I work for free and do not charge anything upfront.

I do this because it is VERY important to me that my outsourcing clients who pay me for the services, stay in profit and the best way to ensure this is with no upfront costs for the partners i choose for them.

Plus, I will also try to promote your product for you so it is a win-win :-)

Although I offers services that are in VERY high demand and I want to help as many marketers as I can, I do NOT work with everyone.

Here Are My Requirements

  • The product must be REAL.
  • The product must be a QUALITY product.
  • Your product must be PROVEN to make money or do whatever it promises.

In fact, not only do you have to fit the above criteria, but you also will need to fill out a form to see if you qualify for me to manage your launch.

Usually, an outstanding product is enough, but if you are also a genuine and kind person who has a heart dedicated to succeeding within the IM industry, then I must admit that you will have the edge over all the other marketers and product creators who apply.

As for my last words, you have already seen the the screenshots and the stats of when I promote for my clients, and you've heard about the outcomes of my launch managing expertise.

The ball is in your court and I can assure you that it would be a great decision on your behalf to put your trust in me and allow me to manage your product launch.

Enough has been said to this point and it is time for action. Simply click the button below and take the first step to EXPLODING your product launch. . . which will commence a long-lasting and profitable business relationship between the both of us.

IM Launch Manager Contact Form

Please tell us a little more about your requirments:

To Your Profitable Product Launch,

Venkata Ramana - "The IM Launch Manager"

P.S. Just like any busy person, I do abide by a launching schedule and believe me when I tell you that the spots fill up . . . and FAST!!!

So, if you happen to be ready to move forward with your product launch, don't delay any longer and let's get the ball rolling.

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